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The Radio Room
Area 51 & The Radio Room
27 inch Imac, quad core,
Snow Leopard 10.6.3 OS
Protools 8.0.4 with Apogee A/D converters, 
master clock & mic pre amps.
Extensive array of plug-ins include
Serato Pitch ‘n Time, Eleven, Air, Bomb Factory, Sound Replacer, Beat Detective.Soft Tube (including Tube Tech, Trident etc...) Sound Toys, Joe Meek, Autotune EVO,McDSP, Waves, Renaissance, Abbey Road, Massey, SPL, Lexicon, Altiverb, TL Space,:
Yamaha HS-80M self powered monitors
Mackie MR-5 self powered monitors
Realistic Minimus 7 book shelf speakers
Yamaha R-500 integrated amplifier
ART 341 dual 15 band EQART power conditioner
Marantz 1060 integrated amplifier
Golden Age Pre-73 mic pre
Custom built 'Neve' 1073 mic pre
ART  TPS 110 stereo tube compresor
ART Tube MP mic pre amp
DBX 166 stereo compressor  x2   (circa 1980’s) 

Dynamic Microphones:

Sansui RA-700 spring reverb
Symetrix 526 stereo compressor
AKG D-1200EAKG D-310AKG D-20         (circa 1955, serial # 321)AKG Dyn-60     (circa 1948, the first AKG mic)AKG D-1200E   (circa 1980’s)AKG D-310       (circa 1980’s)Sennheiser MD-441U   x2   (circa 1980’s)Grundig GDSM-202 stereo mic  (same mic as the Sennheiser MDS-1, circa 1959/60)Grundig GDSM-221  (same mic as the Sennheiser MD-21  circa early 60’s)Astatic T-3  (circa 1940’s “bullet” style. Famous harmonica mic)Shure 737A (circa 1940’s “waffle grille” crystal mic)Shure SM-7B   x2   Shure SM-58   x2   Shure SM-57   x3   Shure Beta 57AShure 572G     x2Shure SM-77  Shure SM-61Shure 515BSL       Shure 55SHShure Beta 56 AShure SM-77Shure SM-61Shure 515BSLShure Unidyne lll PE54SHShure 572G   x2Apex 210 ribbonAmpex 1101   x2      (circa 1970’s)Electro-Voice 664    (circa 1960’s)Toa DM-1300Condenser Microphones:Neumann TLM-49Blue "Baby Bottle"Blue "Bluebird"Shure KSM-32   x2CAD “Equitek” E-100      (original version)Audio Technica 4033SE  (special edition)Audio Technica 2020AKG Perception 200   x2Rode NT1-AAvantone CK-6   x2Apex 460 tube    x2Apex 190SE Electronics 2200MXL V67iMXL 990   x3Studio Projects C1Studio Projects B1NTEC N100M-Audio “Aries”Realistic 1090 PZM (made by Crown)SE Electronics 2200NTEC N100M Audio "Aries"MXR Line DriverD.O.D. 275 active direct boxBehringer DI-100 active direct boxHeadphones:AKG  K-240AKG  K-55   x2Sennheiser HD-435Sennheiser H-150RCA HP-450Sony DR-7AKG K-55   x2Sennheiser HD-435Sennheiser H-150RCA HP-450Sony DR-7​

At Area 51 & The Radio Room, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to help with your recording needs 6 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of recording, mixing and mastering services. Our studios include:
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Area 51
27 inch Imac, quad core,
Snow Leopard 10.6.3 OS​
Plug Ins include: Abbey Road, Lexicon, Soft Tube
(including Tube Tech and Trident etc), Bomb Factory,

Digi 003 A to D Converters. 

Speakers: Yorkville YSM1
Realistic Minimus 7
Yorkville SR-300 reference series power amp

Pre Amps:
Custom Built 'Neve' 1073 mic pre
Art Dual MP tube Pre  x2
Aphex 107 2 Channel Thermosonic Tube Pre
EV EXL-1A pre amp

Lexicon MPX 100 Effect unit x2
Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor  
Fat Man 'Radius 3' Tube Compressor

Alesis LX 20 x2

Mackie 24 x 4

Condenser Mics:
Marshall MXL 2001 x2
Audio Technica 4033
Audio Technica Pro 37r x3

Dynamic Mics:
AKG D112
Sure SM57
Sure Sm 58
Realistic 1090 PZM x2

Rolls Headphone Amp 6 channel
Art Headphone Amp 4 channel

JVC 218 headphones x2
Koss 118 headphones

Instruments / Amps

Hammond M3 with Leslie 126
Fender Rhodes
1957 Ampeg Portaflex B15
Fender 35 Guitar Amp


By The Hour $60
10 Hour block $600
Fri Sat Sun $1,500 Thursday Night Set Up $60